Is Chocolate a FODMAP?

Low Fodmap For LifeEarly this year I found I experienced a return of some IBS symptoms, and when this happens it usually sets off a series of alarm bells and I then take a review of what I have been eating. I am not always very scientific with how I go about this as, like everyone, I am busy and try to take shortcuts. As you may expect, taking shortcuts doesn’t always get you where you need to be!

My review of my food diary led me to focus on my consumption of chocolate – it was the only thing that seemed at odds with my typical low fodmap diet. I then went on-line to Dr Google (as you do!) and there were some blog posts forums discussing whether chocolate was a fodmap and some people were convinced that it was. I was distraught (as you would be) to think that I would need to give up chocolate, and so I stopped eating chocolate, and yes, I found my symptoms eased.

There is more to this story however! After I eliminated chocolate, every now and then I found the return of symptoms and eventually (with my somewhat sporadic and not always methodical approach) I found that erythritol was the culprit – an ingredient in Natvia, which is a blend of stevia and erythritol.( I blogged about this recently if you are interested in reading that post). When I thought back to my problem with chocolate, at the time I was eating chocolate (and drinking hot chocolate) that was sweetened with Natvia! Eureka!

(Dark) chocolate was back on the menu!

Incidentally, my revelation coincided with an update from Monash University that included recent research into the fodmap status of chocolate, as well as hot drinks.

These days I eat very little store-bought chocolate due to the sugar content (this post explains why I try to avoid sugar) and I am experimenting with low fodmap sugar-free recipes – and I have found some winners! These deserve a dedicated post, so if you haven’t already, sign-up to follow my blog so you don’t miss out!

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