My break-up with asparagus

Low Fodmap for LifeI have followed a low Fodmap diet since May 2011, and after I started I spent a ridiculous amount of time checking, re-checking and memorising the fodmap status of fruit, vegetables and ingredients – I genuinely thought I had it sorted. 

One night I was a little bored, and grabbed my iPad and thought I would just have a quick re-read of the Monash University App which I have mentioned in my Resources tab. To my horror I saw that asparagus is a high fodmap food and should be avoided as it is high in Fructans!

I adore asparagus! I could happily eat it at every meal: next to my poached eggs, as a snack along-side my carrot sticks, in a salad drizzled with olive oil, or thrown into a stir-fry. And I had been happily oblivious to its fodmap status. I had been experiencing some IBS sypmptoms (but nothing like I had in the past), so I just thought this was as good as it got. With a grief-stricken heart I broke up with asparagus and eliminated it from my diet.

NOW I know what it is like to live without symptoms and it took just that little bit more attention to detail to get me to this point. I am still incredibly sad that asparagus isn’t on my shopping list or my plate, but I can live with it if it means a more peaceful digestive existence.

Do you have a food break-up story to share from your low fodmap journey?

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