My favourite low fodmap, sugar free chocolate!

Low Fodmap for LifeI have mentioned in previous posts, here and here that I love chocolate! As well as looking for low fodmap options in my everyday life I am also looking for ways to cut back on sugar without creating any more emotional angst in my life. I have been making variations of this recipe for the past 4 months and now my husband, who is an absolute chocolate lover (especially the super sweet and sickly Cadbury Dairy Milk!), insists that he prefers this chocolate to anything else!

As there isn’t any sugar or fructose in this recipe it isn’t as moreish as traditional chocolate, but if you do find yourself sneaking a few too many pieces (as I do sometimes!), it is very easy to cut the quantities down and making a “serves 2” or even “serves 1” – you simply need to follow the proportions. It only takes a few minutes to make and it sets very quickly in the freezer, so a fantastic last-minute dessert or movie treat on the weekend.

OK, here’s the recipe:

1/2 cup coconut oil, melted (see note below)

1/2 cup raw cacoa powder

1/2 cup almond butter, macadamia butter or peanut butter, smooth or crunchy, both are good.  (note: almonds are a fodmap for some so be cautious)

1/3 rice malt syrup

Optional 4-6 scoops (or drops) of Stevia (100% pure extract)

1 teaspoon vanilla

a good grind of sea salt

Mix all the ingredients together. Have a taste test and check that it is sweet enough for your liking. You can add more stevia or syrup to taste. Pour it into a lined pan, dish or little moulds. Transfer to the fridge or freezer and wait for it to set. Personally, I mix it all in a glass pyrex dish and put that straight into the freezer – minimizes the washing up!

These will soften once you remove them from the fridge, so just take out what you want, as you need, and eat it quickly. I’m sure that won’t be a problem!

Note: when I first started eating coconut oil I found that sometimes it upset my stomach. I then switched to “refined” coconut oil which doesn’t have the strong coconut fragrance and I found it was fine. I now can tolerate the unrefined, virgin coconut oil, so just experiment for yourself and find what works for you. It is worth persevering with coconut oil as it has wonderful health benefits.

3 thoughts on “My favourite low fodmap, sugar free chocolate!

    • Hi there, I wouldn’t use coconut butter as it may be a fodmap, it is one of those undetermined ones, but I suspect it would be high fodmap. Cacao butter probably would work quite nicely. It would make it a lot firmer and more like chocolate. Let me know how it goes! Sacha


      • Thanks for the reply Sacha, I tired the cacao butter and it turned out beautifully. It tastes like a rich dark chocolate, I will definitely be making this again 🙂


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