Protein Powder on the low fodmap diet

low fodmap for lifeIf you are interested in boosting your protein intake with protein powder, finding one that is low fodmap is a minefield! I have tried and tested many different types and the best option is one that is based on brown rice with minimal ingredients, avoiding lactose, artificial sugars and wheat. For example, if you are looking at a product that says it is vanilla flavoured protein, the ingredients should read something like this:

Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice (Sprouted, Bio-Fermented, Raw), Natural Vanilla, Pectin, Stevia

I will be honest: the taste is not for everyone, but it is worth trying, persevering and you should get used to it.

I went through a stage of making protein smoothies with berries for snacks (I mentioned in a previous post how difficult I find snacking on the low fodmap diet) but lately my bucket of protein powder has just been gathering dust on top of my fridge…. I am not running as much as I have in the past, and so just less hungry. I am also eating more meat/eggs-based protein at breakfast too.

Anyhoo, I digress! This is my best suggestion for low fodmap protein powders –  have fun and let me know if you find any that you love…

13 thoughts on “Protein Powder on the low fodmap diet

    • Hi! Thank you for getting in contact. There is a brand that I have bought in Australia, you might be able to find it or something similar where you live:
      The main things to look for is a brown rice protein, preferably sprouted and bio-fermented as this process makes it easier to digest.
      Good luck! Let me know what you track down!
      All the best,


  1. Hi again. No outlets in Hobart, Tasmania, but there is currently an offer of free delivery on their website, so have ordered the trial size to see if it agrees with me.


  2. If you only have Fructose malabsorption and not Lactose you should be able to have some whey powders.

    This site – sells straight whey powder with no additives. Alternately Optimum Nutrition produce a whey powder that is (supposedly) additive free.

    For those with Lactose Malabsorption I would stick to protein from eggs and meat.


  3. Hi! Great blog!
    A good EAA schould be fine for basically anyone. Just make sure it has an acceptabel sweetener.
    I have a very good whey isolatepowder. It contains 88,3 g protein, 1,5 g carbs, and 1,06 g fat, / 100 g. Lactose content / 30 g serving is less than 0,5 g. No artificial ingredients. No fillers. Only wheyisolate in the naturalflavoured. And then one flavoured with vanilla and a hint of stevia, and one flavoured with cacao and a little stevia.
    What do you think of these. They schould be fine, or?
    //. Patrik


    • Hi Patrik,
      Thanks for your comment! I personally have found that I experience symptoms with whey protein, however you are your best guide! If you introduce the protein and find that you experience no symptoms then it obviously works for you which is the most important thing.
      All the best,

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  4. Hi Sacha, thanks for a very interesting topic! Did yoy also try/do you have experience with pure mix of pea and cranberry protein or with hemp protein? Thanks a lot! All the best, Lucia

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    • Hi Lucia, I have avoided Pea protein as I suspect it would be high in fodmap given the pea base. I have never seen hemp protein, I suspect that they don’t sell it in Australia as they are quite strict here about edible hemp products. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!


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