Stock and Bone Broth: Low Fodmap Options

Low Fodmap For LifeYou may have heard about one of the latest cooking fads these days: homemade bone broth (or stock). There are some who are huge advocates of the stuff, who say that:

  1. It is soothing and healing for the gut due to the natural gelatine
  2. It is rich in minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium as the small amount of vinegar added leaches the minerals from the bones
  3. It is good for inflammation due to amino acids and nutrients from the cartilage

So, lots of excellent reasons to give it a go!

I often make my own chicken stock from free-range chicken frames/bones which I store in the freezer from homemade roast chicken dinners, but I have never successfully made my own bone bone with beef bones – until last week!

I had a first failed attempt about a month ago which ended up served to my spoodle Ralph for dinner! So with a fabulous failure under my belt I took a deep breath and tried again. It worked and I now have about 3 litres of bone broth stored in my freezer.

It is interesting to hear that the same people who advocate bone broth recommend that we should drink it everyday. I have tried drinking it straight and must admit that initially I was not a huge fan, but I persevered and will have a cup mid afternoon or early evening to take the edge of my hunger and find it quite soothing.

One of the best benefits of making our own homemade stock or broth is that we can leave out the garlic and onion and have a wonderful, nourishing fodmap friendly stock or broth for cooking with even if you want don’t want to drink it straight up.

If you don’t have the time nor inclination, or you want to use a concentrated stock for things like sauces or meat balls (which I do!), I can recommend an amazing product that I buy from my local supermarket – it is onion and garlic free!! Yey!! Low Fodmap for Life

I do get very excited when I discover convenient low fodmap options as they make my life much more relaxed, and importantly, much more tasty!

Now that I have mastered bone broths I can share my next food challenge: homemade low fodmap sausages – garlic and onion free. I have chosen a mincer/sausage maker and I have also found a local farmer through my local farmers market who supplies free-range pork! I will be sure to let you know how this new adventure goes….

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