I say ‘good-bye’ to cauliflower for good this time

Low Fodmap for LifeI am not one to give up easily, and must admit that I can be particularly stubborn in many aspects of my life. I really, really like pizza. I posted about it last week here to share a great buckwheat pizza base. My body also really appreciates it when I primarily base my eating around low carbohydrate options as much as possible (I’ll post more about why I do this at another time). So this helps explain why I was so excited last week to have mastered the art of making cauliflower pizza bases – they are so good that you wouldn’t realise they are actually very healthy and have no starchy carbohydrates! BUT, and I say this with force (along with pain and discomfort), even very small serves (1/3 cup of cauliflower) is high fodmap – in this case Polyol is the culprit (so silly of me for persisting, I already knew that I malabsorb polyol, but as I have pointed out, I can be very stubborn). I can confirm this with authority as I am in agony, hoping it will pass soon…

I have given cauliflower a really good attempt, but I am now officially saying farewell and adieu to this lovely vegetable. We aren’t friends anymore, if it had a facebook page I would ‘unfriend’ it right now.

Do you feel like this sometimes?


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