Homemade Low Fodmap Sausages

photo 3Although I now live in the city, I actually grew up in north Queensland, Australia, in an area that tourists might call the Outback but which rural Australian’s simply refer to as the Bush. Growing up in the Bush on a cattle property (or ranch for my American friends) meant that we had to be fairly self-sufficient so we grew a lot of our own fruit and vegetables and butchered our own grass-fed, free-range cattle. At some point in my childhood I became quite a hand at sausage making, and so this might help to explain why I had the crazy thought of making my own low fodmap (garlic-free, onion-free, gluten-free) and junk-free sausages.

I should have realised right from the start that the odds weren’t in my favour as my new mincer/sausage maker was wired back to front, so it would only work in the manual reverse setting – really quite awkward! By the time this became evident I was already up to my elbows in free-range pork that I had sourced from a local farm…. it was too late to turn back.

I picked loads of fresh sage and garlic chives from my garden (about the only plants my friendly possum won’t eat!), combined them with salt, pepper, garlic olive oil, some dried herbs to supplement the fresh and off I went.

The results were pretty good, but I have now learnt the lesson about sausages: they need some fat in them. I hadn’t particularly intended that they be low in fat, it was just that the free-range pork was naturally so lean that I didn’t have much fat to work with. Once cooked, the flavours were quite good but the texture was dry due to the limited fat content.

While I wait to get inspired again (I have since had the machine replaced, thank you Harvey Norman), I still have about a kilo of sausages in the freezer which I might have to cook in a casserole or gravy to keep them moist. It was still a lot of fun making them and the art of tying sausages came right back to me – just like riding a bike, once you learn you never forget….

If there are any readers out there who have some sausage recipes that they would be willing to share please pass them on!

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