11 low fodmap ingredients I can’t live without

Low Fodmap For LifeI have been following the low fodmap diet for almost three years now and I want to share the 11 pantry ingredients that I use every day that I cannot live without. Read on to find out more….

When I started following the low fodmap diet I quickly realised that the best way of committing to the diet is to commit to it 90% of the time – you probably know for yourself that if you try to do something perfectly you tend to set yourself up for a fall. Even a 90% commitment required me to make significant adjustments to meals and cooking routines. While I have always tried to cook a lot of our family meals at home, the low fodmap diet meant that I needed to re-think meal preparation and by simply using some different ingredients I was able to make meals low fodmap without too much effort. These are some of the ingredients in my pantry that I use almost every day:

1. Lactose-free milk. I am happy that it is now so easy to purchase lactose-free alternatives and I find that new products are coming out each year. I am so grateful that I discovered that I am mildly lactose-intolerant as when I started serving my lactose-free milk to my daughter I quickly discovered that her mysterious bouts of projectile vomiting and sore tummies were lactose related. The poor little thing! She is so much happier with lactose-free milk and yogurt.

2. Coconut oil. I have posted before about coconut and that, thankfully, coconut oil is low fodmap. It is also lactose-free, stimulating to the metabolism and great for gut health (read an interesting article about this here). I cook my eggs and pancakes in coconut oil, make home-made chocolate with it as well as bake with it. Sometimes, I eat it by the spoonful when I need an energy boost mid-afternoon.

3. Cacao. Cacao is the less processed version of cocoa and still contains many of the natural occurring minerals that get removed in processing. I buy mine from a health food store and I use it in my chocolate, baking and as a hot cocoa drink.

4. Rice Malt Syrup. I use this in almost all my baking as a low fodmap alternative to honey and as a healthier alternative to sugar. Read more about this wonderful product in a previous post here.

5. Vanilla essence. Again, I love this and use it pretty much every day along with its perfect partner, cinnamon, a marriage made in heaven! The reason I love vanilla is that the aroma and flavour that it imparts lets me use less sweet ingredients in my recipes, and that has to be a good thing.

6. Chia seeds. Chia is a nourishing, gluten free seed that is also naturally high in fibre, omega 3, calcium, manganese and phosphorous. Read more about this trooper of a product here. I use chia to make chia pudding, which is fabulous served with a spoonful of lactose-free yogurt for breakfast, dessert or mid-morning snack. Try my Berry Chia Breakfast Pudding recipe!

7. Flaxseed meal. I love the organic Golden Flaxseed. I use it as the main ingredient in my breakfast ‘muggin‘, spelt pancakes, pumpkin pancakes, flaxseed crackers, and cheesy flaxseed scones. Flaxseed meal is a staple for me, as it is high in fibre and omega 3 as well as low in carbohydrates.

8. Garlic-Infused Olive oil. The low fodmap diet requires that we must give up garlic, but we don’t have to give up on the flavour with this wonderful product. I use it liberally in my savoury dishes and I never miss the real thing!

9. Passata. As garlic and onion need to be avoided ready-made pasta sauces are also out of my pantry, so I use passata, or italian-style tomato puree, which I then combine with garlic-infused olive oil, tomato paste, stock, and herbs to make my own pasta sauce.

10. Spelt pasta. I no longer eat this myself as I have found that I am very sensitive to carbohydrates (more of this in a future post) and also gluten intolerant which I have posted about here. However, they are amazing low fodmap alternatives to wheat pasta and I try to only buy spelt pasta to serve to my family as I feel that it is important to actively minimise their consumption of wheat products. It helps that they actually prefer the spelt alternative!

11. Konjac spaghetti noodles. When my family are enjoying their spelt pasta served with vege-packed, low fodmap bolognese sauce (made with passata and garlic infused olive oil!), I sit down to enjoy the same sauce served with konjac noodles which are a great low fodmap and low carb option. Read more about the actual product that I buy here.

I hope that this list gives you some inspiration and hope, especially if you are new to the low fodmap diet!

For those who are veterans, what are your “can’t live without” ingredients?

All the best,


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