Low Fodmap Christmas Recipes

Low Fodmap For LifeHappy Holidays!

The holiday season has arrived as we start our summer holidays this Friday. My son is so excited to be finishing his first year at school! With Christmas just around the corner I am sure that you are also busy planning what to have for Christmas, and perhaps fretting (as I do) about what you can and cannot eat.

To celebrate the holiday season I have decided to share some of my favourite recipes to help you prepare for Christmas and stick to the low Fodmap diet so you can really relax and enjoy yourself without the usual discomfort that Christmas brings when you have IBS. Trust me, you won’t feel like you are missing out…

Some of the recipes include Gorgeous Green Kale Pesto and Spelt Pasta Salad, honey-free Baked HamRaspberry and Caramel Macadamia Ice-Cream Pudding and Gingersnap Cookies.

To view the entire list of recipes please click through to this page.

If I come across other low fodmap festive ideas I will add them too and let you know!

All the best,


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