Alcohol on the Low Fodmap Diet

Low Fodmap For Life

Early in my journey on the low fodmap diet it became evident that I needed to be careful about the alcohol choices I was making and I thought that there might be others who could benefit from learning from my experiences.

Firstly I will be upfront and point out what you probably already know, if not suspect: alcohol is a gut irritant and in all forms can be problematic if you have IBS. I know for myself, regardless of what form of alcohol I consume it will effect me, either during the night or early the next morning. If I am completely honest with myself I am much better off without alcohol, but I enjoy the social aspects of having a glass of wine or two.

If you do decide to have a drink, these are some low fodmap guidelines to help you make the best choices.

Low Fodmap Choices:

  • Red wine
  • White wine (dry or sweet)
  • Sparkling wine or champagne
  • Beer (if you are gluten intolerant, as I am, choose gluten-free beer only)
  • Gin (straight or with low fodmap mixers)
  • Vodka (straight or with low fodmap mixers)
  • Whiskey (straight or with low fodmap mixers – please note this may not be suitable if you are gluten intolerant)
  • Low fodmap mixers: most sodas/soft drinks, lime juice, fresh lime, soda water, cranberry juice (up to 250ml), sugar syrup


  • Low alcohol or Low GI wine
  • Dessert wine
  • Fruit mixers, with the exception of cranberry juice, but restrict this to no more than 250ml
  • Most cocktails are high fodmap due to fruit juice or agave syrup ingredients
  • Rum
  • Cider
  • Most liqueurs
  • Also avoid drinking on an empty stomach

Usually I will choose white wine or vodka with fresh lime and soda. A white wine spritzer (half wine, half soda water) is also refreshing on hot evenings! Occasionally, if I am out and everyone is ordering a cocktail I might choose a caprioska made with lime and vodka or a cosmopolitan as I find these are the best low fodmap cocktail options.

I have been experimenting with some of my own low fodmap cocktails recipes, but I am yet to find one that my husband likes – he is more particular than me having worked in bars during our university days. The one in the picture was using frozen raspberries, lime and vodka topped up with soda water, but it didn’t get the stamp of approval! I quite liked it for myself though… 🙂

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