Feeling a little embarrassed…

Low Fodmap For LifeI must admit to feeling a little shame-faced today.

My step-mother-in-law is a very kind lady and she has really taken to heart some of my diet modifications and health messages over the years: don’t feed the kids too much sugar, I am gluten free, low GI foods are best….

Taking on board my messages, yesterday she arrived armed with enough food to feed an army and so full of pride for covering off the key points above:

1. Zucchini slice (a traditional Australian dish)

2. Spinach and pumpkin pie

3. Mango and cranberry fruit cake

The slice and pie will be made with my father-in-laws organic home-grown vegetables picked fresh from the garden and with brown rice flour instead of refined gluten-free flour. Unfortunately they are also made with onion which is restricted on the low fodmap diet and fruit cake which is a no-go zone for me – fructose leaves me in severe pain and constipation 2-4 days after eating it.

I have talked in a previous post about getting family and friends on board with the diet in “How to tell family and friends about the low fodmap diet“. What I failed to address is the fact that family and friends forget. The trouble with the low fodmap diet is that it is restrictive and so complex that even I have trouble remembering all the details and I have been following it religiously for almost three years! How can I possibly expect that someone else remember the main points?

My problem is further compounded because I am too polite. I found myself gushing about how kind she was to bring the food (which she is) and how they sound delicious (which they do!). I wouldn’t be so shame-faced about this except that this has been going on for a while and I have yet to remind her that I can’t eat onion or garlic. I just gracefully and gratefully except what has been offered.

At what point do I tell the truth?

My husband thinks I should break it to her. Gently. I will be eating a small portion of the slice and the pie as in this case good manners overrides the onion (also known as the path of least resistance). I will politely decline the fruit cake and mention again that I don’t eat fruit.

I have been finding myself becoming embarrassed and self-conscious about my eating restrictions lately and so this isn’t going to be easy for me. I am working on self-acceptance and self-love this year (new years resolutions and all that) and thinking about it, part of accepting myself also involves accepting the way that I need to eat in order to be healthy, vital and energised. It sounds like I have found some territory for growth and change…



2 thoughts on “Feeling a little embarrassed…

  1. It sounds like your Step-Mother-In-Law is a lovely lady with great intentions. I bet she would be appreciative of a reminder. I often call family 48 hours a head of time to ask if they need help preparing or have any questions about my restrictions. I even offer to bring my own dishes just in case they cannot modify the planned meal. My Mother-in-Law is great about it. I get really awkward when I am out to eat and have to ask to have things modified for me. I don’t find many servers are as kind as my MIL. lol

    It is hard to ask for what we need sometimes, but in my experience everyone benefits from it. Hang in there.


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