Product Review: Sue Shepherd’s Low Fodmap Sauces

Fodmap followers in Australia have been blessed with a wonderful range of convenience food products by Sue Shepherd (the founder and lead researcher of the low fodmap diet). I have tried the Red Wine Tomato Pasta Sauce and I have just enjoyed the Lamb & Vegetable Soup and I wanted to share how amazing it was to be able to throw something in the microwave and eat it within minutes and not have to worry about preparing or defrosting my own low fodmap meal. I also used the Red Curry Sauce a few days ago to make a chicken and vegetable curry and my husband and I really enjoyed our meal! Having worked in the food industry in the development of soups and sauces I am also a very good judge of quality and flavour and these ones are right up there!

The products are also gluten free which is important to me as I am also gluten intolerant.

If you don’t live in Australia you can still purchase the products. I have tracked down a store that will ship orders overseas: . I have not personally used them so I can’t comment on the service. If you do give them a try please let me know your experience as I would hate to recommend a business that is not good at what they do.

Note: This is a genuine product review. I don’t have a relationship with Sue Shepherd or with the Gluten Free Shop.

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