Konjac noodles: are they low fodmap?

Low Fodmap For Life

If you are looking for a low fodmap alternative to pasta that it is also grain free, then one product that I recommend and personally use is konjac noodles.

It is a grain free, gluten free, vegetable based product that you can buy in supermarkets or health food stores. It is low in carbohydrates, and importantly for us IBS sufferers, it is low in fructose. I also like this product because it is very high in soluble fibre so it helps constipation which I still need to manage.

Konjac noodles are also great if you are concerned about keeping your carb consumption down (I limit mine to help manage PCOS, which you can read about in a previous post here) and are also good if you are watching your calories.

I have shared a picture of the product that I buy in Australia and you can check them out at this link herelow-cal-spaghetti-a

I use the spaghetti version in place of pasta and I also quite like the rice style product in place of rice – it is especially good as fried rice!

The product texture (and price!) isn’t for everyone, but as the alternatives can be limited I recommend that you give them a go if you can track them down…

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7 thoughts on “Konjac noodles: are they low fodmap?

  1. I’ve tried these noodles and liked them…but the place I moved and can’t find them now. and you are right, the price isn’t for everyone.
    Hope I can find them again.
    Last time I found them in an Asian grocery store….and for less than in any other place. 🙂

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    • Hi Patrik,
      Thank you for asking that question – I should have added it to the post!
      I personally challenged konjac noodles early in my low fodmap journey and I have been happily eating them for almost 3 years now. So mostly I am talking about my personal experience, however this has also been corroborated by a dietitian who works for Slendier Slim who supports that they are safe on the low fodmap diet. You can read about what she says here: https://www.slendier.com/recipe-diet-faqs#is-slendier-fructose-free
      I only ever eat one serve which is 125g drained weight.
      If you are nervous about them, wait until you are ready to introduce them, and then eat one serve and watch for symptoms over 3 days.
      Good luck!


  2. Thank you for recommending this product. I have never heard of these noodles and I like the idea of a vegetable based pasta with low carbohydrates. Although I enjoy brown rice pasta because of the taste and texture, it would be nice to have another option with less carbs.

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  3. Folks in the US – Fit Trim Mama now sells a “Not so Naughty Noodle” which is Glucomannan. I ordered a case of them from a food co-op and while they are an interesting, chewier texture, it sure beats anything else on the gluten-free market.

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