The most difficult meal: breakfast

Low Fodmap For LifeA few months ago I was contacted by one of my wonderful followers and we chatted over email about the most difficult meals: breakfast and snacks. I think for most people on the low fodmap diet both of these can be quite tricky initially as we adjust to changing a lifetime of eating habits. Before the low fodmap diet I ate the same breakfast pretty much every morning: home-made cereal/granola with dried fruit and nuts, chopped apple and yoghurt. Three years on and my breakfasts are completely different! Read on to find out what I like to eat for breakfast.

The first thing I will point out is that I rarely eat grains, even the low fodmap ones like spelt or gluten free ones like rice, as I find I don’t tolerate carbs well (insulin resistant) and I end up incredibly hungry for the entire day! Of course, everyone is different and you may be very happy having oatmeal porridge (it is low fodmap too!) for breakfast and find that it is very satisfying. I am a huge advocate of listening to your body and becoming aware of how you feel after eating different things. As always, you are the expert on yourself….
If you are looking for some low fodmap ideas perhaps you might like to try one of my breakfasts:
1. I pan-fry a small grated zucchini and then scramble in 2 eggs, sometimes I add a little cheese or ham. I serve it with steamed spinach or silver beet (chard). This is my favourite breakfast at the moment, I have this pretty much every day.
2. Pumpkin pancake using the recipe here.
3. Zucchini fritters, topped with a poached egg using this recipe here.
4. Sometimes I make my muggin recipe (it is very filling)
5. This morning I had chia pudding made with home-made kefir. You could also make it with lactose free milk and a sprinkle of vanilla and cinnamon and serve with lactose free or low lactose yoghurt. I also ate a small bowl of left over steamed vegetables.
You might notice that I try to incorporate vegetables into my breakfasts and this is a conscious decision to have more vegetables every day.
What are your favourite low fodmap breakfasts?
All the best,
Sacha x

2 thoughts on “The most difficult meal: breakfast

  1. This list is full of good ideas and thanks for adding the recipes. I pretty much have a smoothie every day and you can find my favorite smoothie recipe at I will also eat oatmeal with nuts and fruits, brown rice tortillas with peanut butter, bananas, and flax seeds, or a chia pudding with oats and blueberries. On weekends I sometimes will cook an egg dish because I have the time and am not rushing out the door as I am during the week.

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  2. Personally I find breakfast one of the easiest meals to make low fodmap! I eat a lot of oats though – along with a lot of eggs! But brunch is definitely the one I like to pick when eating out – eggs are so easy to make low fodmap without asking for many alterations!

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