Irritable bowel syndrome: new and emerging treatments

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The BMJ, formerly known as The British Medical Journal, has this week published an interactive infographic that is well worth exploring if you suffer from IBS. It includes a review of the many different types of interventions for working with the various types of IBS, including IBS-C, IBS-D, IBS-M (mixed) and no-subtype.

It is very interesting to explore and helped me understand a little more about some of the scientific research that has been done and what has been proven to be effective and what still needs to be examined further.

Link to the infographic here: The BMJ IBS Infographic

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2 thoughts on “Irritable bowel syndrome: new and emerging treatments

  1. Hi, I just stumbled on to your website but I like what I see. I am an IBS sufferer and I’m going through a really bad flare up for a year now where I am dairy free, I don’t have bread, pasta rice etc. I’m really enjoying my food but some days I get really fed up so I will definitely keep checking. Today I’ve decided to go low carb to see if this will help as well. I’m convinced my IBS has flared up due to me starting the menopause early. 🙁 I’m even considering HRT to see if that will help but I’m going to a dietician next month to get more advice. (IBS diagnosed at 17 I’m now 40).


    • Hi Emma,
      We are close in age, so I really feel for you!! Hopefully a dietician can help you. I have found more recently that taking magnesium and probiotics is helpful and I have started incorporating Quinoa into my diet as a carbohydrate – I tolerate it really well – you just have to remember to give it a good rinse or soak before cooking it. I put it in my soups and also make it as a porridge cooked with LF milk/almond milk – I make a batch on the weekend and then heat it up in mornings with berries, walnuts and dollop of yogurt. good luck with everything!!


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