Holidaying with onion and garlic

Low Fodmap for Life

My daughter playing in the snow

In an earlier post, here, I shared that I was busy baking and preparing food in readiness for a long driving holiday with children to the snow. I made the Pumpkin Bread, which came in handy almost every day as I could easily eat it on its own or team it with some salad or cheese sticks which I had packed for my son or even a can of oysters which was thrown in the car. All in all, I think I managed really well over the 8 days we were away.

There were gluten free options in most places, although I did have to actively seek out some shops where I knew I could find something: luckily both Subway and McDonalds have salad options, which do get very tedious and boring, but nevertheless are healthy and low fodmap. I also enjoyed gluten free pizza and nachos, steak, duck confit and the hot breakfasts at our hotel were satisfying and filling.

BUT there was no mistaking that garlic and onion are everywhere!!

And unavoidable when choices are limited…

Not having eaten much onion or garlic in over 3 years I really noticed the strong flavour and I would taste it in my mouth for hours! Even the scrambled eggs in the hotel tasted of garlic – I didn’t expect it or I would have asked for no garlic!

In the past I might have gotten quite anxious and controlling about the food, but I found myself relaxing, knowing it was only for a few days and all I had to do was make the best decisions with what was available. I did experience the return of some IBS symptoms, (thanks to the ubiquitous O & G pair of fodmaps), but they were fairly moderate and didn’t interfere too much with my enjoyment of the holiday.

Now that I am home, I am back to my usual cooking and eating habits and really trying to ramp up the vegetables this week as the vegetable options were quite limited whilst travelling, apart from the basic takeaway salads which I won’t be able to face again for a while!.

If you have any travel tips please let me know!


3 thoughts on “Holidaying with onion and garlic

  1. Onion and garlic are really hard to avoid when eating out! I’m lucky in that I can tolerate moderate amounts of them pretty well if I eat low-FODMAP most of the time. I always try to make sure that I can cook my own food in some way when I travel, and I bring things along with me as well. Eating out is so difficult though! Sushi and sashimi is a pretty safe options but as much as I love them they do get boring after a while.

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      • True! I have found some Italian restaurants that will do a grilled fish and steamed veg or similar, which is usually free of garlic and onion if I ask for it without sauce. They’re more regular places though, you can’t always be sure to be able to do that when traveling and exploring new places.


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