My favourite low fodmap ingredient, and a recipe to share!

Low Fodmap for Life

Of all the low fodmap food, the one that I use every single day is eggs. I could not live without them. I know that a lot has been said in the past about how eggs are high in cholesterol etc, but I think that those pieces of information have more or less been proven to be derelict and that eggs are very good for us, full of proteins, good fats, vitamins etc. Here is a link to some great egg-facts by my favourite egg suppliers if you want to find out a little more for yourself.

I am sure there are rules that stipulate about how many eggs you are supposed to or not supposed to eat each day. I get a little tired of following food rules as I follow so many anyway, so I just make up my own rule which is to limit my egg consumption to about 2 per day. And when I mean two per day, I do usually eat two each and every day!

I particularly love eggs for breakfast: poached, fried, boiled, scrambled, mashed, in pancakes and about every other way you can think of! I am really, really busy at the moment and so I have reverted to an old, fave way of preparing eggs in advance on the weekends so that I am completely set for the week: Egg Muffins. This one comes inspired by one of my favourite recipe blogs:

It sounds a little strange but I have been enjoying these for breakfast this week with a cup of curried kale and carrot soup made with bone broth. I’ll share that recipe soon, I am just trying to find the time to get a good pic!

Egg Muffins Ready To Go

  • Servings: makes 12 muffins
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

12 eggs (I use large cage free eggs)

1 cup grated low fat tasty cheddar cheese

3 green onions, green part only, finely sliced

1/2 cup Baby spinach, finely chopped

1/2 cup diced bacon or lean ham

freshly ground pepper and salt


1. Heat the oven to 180ºC or 365ºF. Use silicon muffin cups or a silicon muffin pan.

2. In the bottom of the muffin cups layer the diced bacon or ham, baby spinach and green onions. Sprinkle the cheese over the top. It works best if you fill the muffin pans to about 2/3 full.

3. Break the eggs into a large jug or bowl with a spout. Add salt and pepper and whisk or beat well. Pour eggs into the muffin cups until they are about 3/4 full.

4. Bake for 25-35 minutes until the muffins have risen and are slightly browned and set.

5. The muffins are delicious warm and they will also keep in the fridge for a week. I microwave two muffins on high for 30 seconds to reheat.


Sacha x

4 thoughts on “My favourite low fodmap ingredient, and a recipe to share!

    • Hi Rae,
      Yes, green onions are safe on the low fodmap diet if you use the green part. When I buy a bunch I cut off the green parts to use in cooking and keep the bottom of the bunch in a container of water and they re-shoot!
      Good luck!


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