Celebrating 1 year of Low Fodmap for Life!

Low Fodmap for LifeToday is the 1st birthday of this blog, Low Fodmap for Life, and  as I am  big believer in celebrating significant milestones, I felt that this was special enough to deserve a moment of gratitude to all who have read a post, left insightful or supportive comments as well as those who have contacted me directly – thank you!

I started this blog with the intent of sharing my stories and experiences of the low fodmap experience and to connect with others in this unique community. What I didn’t expect was to find a source of inspiration, fulfillment, and achievement.

These are some of the amazing comments I have received:

“Just discovered this amazing website. Thank you so much!”

“Love your blog! thanx for sharing so much of your emotion and high quality information!”

“I have IBS, and am returning to the low FODMAP diet as I’m over these symptoms. It makes me not want to go to work some days… Thank you for your inspiring post”

“This truly is a journey and a life long one at that.”

“Everything you describe above is exactly how I feel and it can really affect your self-esteem”

These are a few blog facts to share with pride:

  • 19,269 visitors to the blog (I am completely blown away and humbled by this :))
  • 1,632 follows across the blog, facebook, pinterest and instagram
  • The most popular blog post is Is coconut safe on the low fodmap diet?

Thank you all again for reading this blog.

All the best,


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