My, oh my! A Low Fodmap Cafe? I can’t believe it!

Low Fodmap For Life

I went out for dinner last night, which is a rare occurrence in my life, and of course my roasted vegetable stack (with no onion), was drowning in a tomato sauce that had more onion than tomato!! AAAHHH!! I did enjoy the meal and not cooking or cleaning up, but will still need to face the consequences of eating onion in the next day or two… 😦

So, you can imagine my delight and surprise today to come across a specialty low fodmap cafe in Melbourne, Australia!! Foddies Cafe offer low fodmap cafe food especially for us low fodmappers and we don’t have to read the ingredients or stress about being THAT   person asking lots of questions and wondering what on earth we are going to eat!

Unfortunately, Melbourne is a long plane ride from Brisbane, or a good two days drive, so I won’t be frequenting the cafe, but it gives me hope that if the cafe is a success, then there is the opportunity for more of these to open up in our cities and local communities to give us a little respite.

If something like this opens up near you, please let me know so I can share it with everyone…

All the best,


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