Cheap and easy way to make lactose-free milk

Low Fodmap for Life

If you are anything like my family the increased choice and variety of milk makes for some practical concerns – I often have 4 different types of milk on the go in my fridge: rice milk (for my son), almond milk (for me), lactose-free milk (for my daughter and myself) and then regular milk (for my husband and any visitors). As I also have an incredibly small fridge (to fit my small kitchen), things tend to get quite crowded. One way around this is to ditch the regular milk and only buy lactose-free milk, but then this gets quite expensive – until I discovered a really easy and relatively inexpensive way to make my own…

To make my own lactose free milk I use Lacteeze drops which I purchase from a pharmacy or you might be able to also find on-line.


Simply add 5 drops of LACTEEZE to one litre of milk, stir well and leave in the fridge for 24 hours prior to consumption. This will convert 70-80% of the lactose. If you wish to convert more lactose, you can increase the number of drops used or leave the milk in the fridge for longer.

I did a quick check on cost savings and this is the sum of it: In Australia the cheapest regular milk is $1 per L and lactose free milk is $2.70 per L. 15mL of Lacteeze costs about $26. Working on the basis of 20 drops/mL this 15mL of Lacteeze will convert 60L of regular milk. The total cost of 60L of regular milk plus Lacteeze drops is then $86, as opposed to $162 if I bought lactose-free milk, so it is roughly half the cost.

Definitely worth thinking about!

I also use these drops to make my own lactose-free yoghurt if this is something that interests you.

I hope you are able to track down this product!

All the best,


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