Gelatine – what do I do with it?

Low Fodmap for Life Gelatin

I have had a large container of gelatin in my cupboard for well over 12 months now with all the intentions in the world of using it, but it all just seemed too hard. A couple of weeks ago I pulled it out, dusted it off and started making some interesting concoctions with it. It wasn’t as easy as I thought….

If you haven’t thought much about gelatin other than it being the main ingredient in Jelly or Jell-o, that you might like to read this great summary here about the benefits of gelatine. This is a great article as it is written by a highly qualified dietitian, so I give a lot of credibility to it rather than a lot of the hearsay and urban myths that many websites write about!  The sum of it is that it is an awesome way for us to improve our gut health as well as nourish our nails, hair, joints and boost our protein intake. Incorporating bone broths is one way and using a good quality gelatin product is another way.

If you have ever used gelatin that you might be able to commiserate with the challenges I have had in using it, as I found it difficult to dissolve and blend with ingredients. Luckily I came across this very simple guide on how to dissolve it properly and I haven’t looked back!

Once I started to get a handle on using gelatine I experimented with some low fodmap mixes: yogurt and pureed strawberries, almond milk and ginger-infused rice malt syrup, pumpkin puree and little coconut milk, cocoa and yogurt…. To be honest, I haven’t come up with anything that my children would gladly eat or that I would be proud enough to share on this blog! Luckily, I am really not fussy and figure any way that I can incorporate gelatine into my diet has got to be good, so I eat my concoctions!

The big question? Have I noticed a difference to my IBS symptoms? Well, firstly, it hasn’t triggered any symptoms which is excellent news ! Secondly, I do feel that my tummy has calmed down and I can’t really put that down to anything else I am doing. So I will keep persevering with my gelatine experiments!

Please, please, please, if any of my lovely followers have a great low fodmap  jelly recipe that they can share I would be so grateful! Please share the recipe on the comments section below!!


2 thoughts on “Gelatine – what do I do with it?

  1. Hi Sacha.

    I realize your post is from quite awhile ago, but I just came across it when searching whether or not gelatin was low fodmap.

    I have IBs and an autoimmune disease, so my diet is limited. I purchased some gelatin about a week ago and kept putting off using it for the same reason you said, it seemed complicated to make. So, thanks for linking the articles on the benefits of gelatine and tips for dissolving it.

    I made some jello last night; I added a little bit of lemon juice, some Swerve sweetener, and a few frozen blueberries and strawberries. I have to admit it looked kind of gross being mostly clear jello with a hint of blue. It had enough flavor though for me since most of what I eat is plain. Next time, I’m going to try your ideas of mixing the gelatin with pumpkin puree or yogurt. I think those mixes will have a lot more flavor. Thanks for sharing!


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