Butter Beans: A new love of mine

satay lima beans in peanut sauce

Before I started the low fodmap diet 3 and a half years ago, I would regularly eat lentils and kidney beans which I would add to soups, bolognese sauce, and chilli con carne, because they are great sources of fibre and an easy way to stretch out a meat-based meal and save some $$ at the same time. This all came to a halt, and I have not had any success re-introducing them and so I gave up on legumes. Recently though I have discovered Butter Beans (also known as Lima Beans), and with 1/4 cup serves, they are OK on the low fodmap diet! And this is also verified by the Monash University Low Fodmap app…. Great news! I use the canned option, but even buying the beans and boiling them should be OK, according to Monash Uni.

So if, like me, you have stopped eating legumes out of fear of IBS symptoms, give Butter Beans a try. I add them to soups and my homemade chilli con carne and I am really enjoying them!

I have a can of lentils in my cupboard which are supposed to be safe for Fodmaps, but I am a bit nervous about trying them I must admit. When I pluck up the courage I’ll let you know the results.

All the best,

Sacha x


3 thoughts on “Butter Beans: A new love of mine

  1. Thanks for this. I am too scared to add back legumes too! IBS is such a challenge. I remember your article about coconut flour some time ago and was relieved to read that others have trouble with this flour too. I will give the beans a go as I am always looking for safe carbohydrate options. Thanks 🙂 Mel.

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  2. Hi Sacha,
    I love butter beans, my all time favourite. I soak all my legumes for at least 7 hours then drain an rinse them before cooking, this helps to make them more digestible – I don’t think canned beans have gone through the same process, hence they seem to create more gas. Prepare your own, it’s cheaper, plus most cans are now lined with plastic, something we need to avoid.

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  3. Thank you so much Sacha. Love butterbeans, but have been avoiding all beans for years. I now feel confident to try reintroducing butterbeans into my diet . X


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