Tis the season for low fodmap recipes

Low Fodmap for Life Christmas Recipes

We are heading deep into the silly season, where our will-power gets discarded at a moments notice and perhaps our commitment to the low fodmap diet may get set aside too. This happened with me yesterday, in two separate moments of weakness I did the craziest thing I have done all year and ate a fresh apricot at breakfast and a fresh peach at dinner! So naughty, yet so delicious!!

To help you get through the Christmas period I have added some links to my favourite low fodmap recipes that I posted on the blog last year. Hopefully they will give you some inspiration and ideas!

Low Fodmap For Life

Raspberry and Caramel Macadamia Ice-Cream Pudding

Low Fodmap For Life

Gingersnap Cookies

Low Fodmap For Life

Baked Ham with a “No-Honey” glaze

Low Fodmap For Life

Caramel Macadamias

Low Fodmap For Life

Orange Almond Cake


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