I think Kahlua is high fodmap :)


I have been well and truly off the blogging radar for a few months now, but being on holidays this week has given me a little time and desire to get back to lovin’ my blog a little more! I have written a fairly comprehensive post a while back about low fodmap alcohol options, but it isn’t comprehensive, and when I saw the bottle of Kahlua in my parent’s liquor cabinet I couldn’t resist.

We are staying at my parent’s house for the week while they are away. It has a pool, which is a novelty for the kids, and is close to the beach and even the dog loves that! I have found myself going to bed really early and fitting in an afternoon nap – I didn’t realise I was really, really tired, down to my bones…

After the children went to bed last night my husband and I played a few games of Uno (I lost appallingly!) and while he sipped a civilised glass of white wine I had a cheeky Kahlua with a dash of milk. Perhaps the first was followed with a second?

So this then bring me to the point of my post. I think this counts as a trial of n=1 and for me it wasn’t a successful introduction. My opinion is that, for me, it is most likely high fodmap and I will need to avoid eye contact with the beautiful label next time I put my head inside my parent’s liquor cabinet (which I probably shouldn’t be doing anyway)….hhhmmm. Sigh…..

Hope you are all well,

Sacha x


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