Two steps forward… one step back

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My blog posts are few and far between I know, life has been keeping me busy!

I have almost finished a Graduate Diploma Degree in Counselling and I volunteer one day a week supporting adults and young people who have lost a loved one and who are struggling to cope. It can be hard work, but I enjoy it, and I learn so much about resilience, perseverance in the face of insurmountable obstacles, but most of all about love. Because the only reason grief and loss is so hard is because we love so much.

The other four days a week I am working on a new business which is in a completely different space, and somehow this seems to work for me. But, yes, I’m very busy.

How am I managing to also balance my two kids and all the prep and cooking needed on the low fodmap diet? 

I write shopping lists, shop when and where I can and do a lot of bulk food preparation on the weekends: think massive pots of low fodmap bolognese sauce and chili con carne loaded up with low fodmap vegetables (grated carrots, zucchini, spinach, green onions, tomatoes, a little celery, and small amounts of brown lentils or butter beans). I also generally pre-prepare lunches which might be soups or chopping up salad ingredients to throw together.

Having said that, the last couple of months have been sign-posted by flare-ups. I wish I could put my finger on a single culprit and share my knowledge with you all. I wish it were that easy. But like every day coping with IBS, it could be one high fodmap food item, or a build up of a number of low fodmap food items that combined together trigger a reaction. Each flare-up is caused by something in particular, rarely the same thing, however, all my flare-ups are underpinned by one or more non-food related triggers: stress or not enough water, not enough sleep or… you get the picture.

When a flare-up comes, I try to eat low fodmap food, drink lots of water, supplement with a high-strength probiotic (not recommend for those in the elimination stage!), magnesium and Movicol (see my post here on laxatives). I also use some yoga positions and gentle walking.

I have also noticed that I can often sense a flare-up coming. I can’t really describe how this is for me, and it probably wouldn’t be that helpful for you to hear my version anyway, as yours would no doubt be quite different. But it is enough to say that I can sense it coming and start to heed the warning to clean up my act and implement the strategy above.

What about you? Can you feel a flare-up coming? What do you do that helps?

Take care of yourself,






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