Two steps forward… one step back

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My blog posts are few and far between I know, life has been keeping me busy!

I have almost finished a Graduate Diploma Degree in Counselling and I volunteer one day a week supporting adults and young people who have lost a loved one and who are struggling to cope. It can be hard work, but I enjoy it, and I learn so much about resilience, perseverance in the face of insurmountable obstacles, but most of all about love. Because the only reason grief and loss is so hard is because we love so much.

The other four days a week I am working on a new business which is in a completely different space, and somehow this seems to work for me. But, yes, I’m very busy.

How am I managing to also balance my two kids and all the prep and cooking needed on the low fodmap diet?  Continue reading

The Wall Street Journal spreads the word of Low Fodmap

Low Fodmap For Life

After 10 years, the low fodmap movement is really getting momentum, and the Wall Street Journal has shared this great article that will help build the awareness in the general community about what low fodmap means! Hopefully when we say “low fodmap” one day people will understand exactly what me mean, just like when coeliac sufferers ask for “gluten free”.

This is also a great moment to celebrate my 4 year low fodmap anniversary!! Woo hoo!!!

I hope you enjoy reading the article (click here)!


I think Kahlua is high fodmap :)


I have been well and truly off the blogging radar for a few months now, but being on holidays this week has given me a little time and desire to get back to lovin’ my blog a little more! I have written a fairly comprehensive post a while back about low fodmap alcohol options, but it isn’t comprehensive, and when I saw the bottle of Kahlua in my parent’s liquor cabinet I couldn’t resist. Continue reading

A tale of recovery and hope

Low Fodmap For Life

This is going to be a brief post for those wonderful people who follow this blog. I’m sure many of you follow me because you are clutching for information on the low fodmap diet (it is so complex and hard to come by). Others perhaps like to hear about new recipes. I apologise to you, because I have been quite lax on both accounts. This post is to share a little about why, not as an explanation or excuse, but to illustrate the real life experience of someone living with IBS, a family, and way too many commitments. And how depression crept its way back in.

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Tis the season for low fodmap recipes

Low Fodmap for Life Christmas Recipes

We are heading deep into the silly season, where our will-power gets discarded at a moments notice and perhaps our commitment to the low fodmap diet may get set aside too. This happened with me yesterday, in two separate moments of weakness I did the craziest thing I have done all year and ate a fresh apricot at breakfast and a fresh peach at dinner! So naughty, yet so delicious!!

To help you get through the Christmas period I have added some links to my favourite low fodmap recipes Continue reading

“Spelt” out: Fodmap diet gets even more confusing

Low Fodmap For Life Spelt

The Fodmap diet is one of the most complex “dietary requirements” and I have always had praise for the Monash Uni’s Low Fodmap App, as it helps to shine light on the extraordinary complexities of food types and serving sizes across the food groups. Their new app update though has me reeling in dismay…. It takes the fodmap diet from confusing to disorientating…  Continue reading

Butter Beans: A new love of mine

satay lima beans in peanut sauce

Before I started the low fodmap diet 3 and a half years ago, I would regularly eat lentils and kidney beans which I would add to soups, bolognese sauce, and chilli con carne, because they are great sources of fibre and an easy way to stretch out a meat-based meal and save some $$ at the same time. This all came to a halt, and I have not had any success re-introducing them and so I gave up on legumes. Recently though I have discovered Butter Beans (also known as Lima Beans) Continue reading

Food (and moments) for the soul

Prosciutto Pizza - low fodmap for life

Over the last few years I have come to dread the concept of “going out” for dinner as quite often, even with the best intentions and asking for “no onion, no garlic”, I end up plagued with a big bloated tummy and crampy pains for days (read one of my very first posts from last year, here). However these last few weeks I have been “out” three times, all to the same place, and I have been fine. Hallelujah! This is what I ordered: Continue reading