Stress and IBS – it’s not all in our head

Low Fodmap For LifeThere has been a lot of heated debate over the past week about the role that chronic anxiety has in development of Auto-Immune Disease. Over the past decade there has certainly been a lot of research into the mind-body connection which you might like to read about here and here, which proves that there is certainly a relationship between our ability to manage chronic stress and the health of our immune system. Continue reading

Why I follow a gluten free AND a low fodmap diet

Low Fodmap For LifeIf you have tried or are continuing with the low fodmap diet you will probably agree that it can be challenging as it is quite restrictive. Why then have I made my life even more difficult by also following a diet that is gluten free?

There is a story to this and I will tell you the short version, as it isn’t very glamorous, but I wanted to give you some insights into why I have made the decision to eat the way I do. Continue reading

Body Image and IBS

Low Fodmap for LifeIssues around body image for IBS sufferers is something that I feel is not talked about enough and consequently I feel quite strongly that I would like to bring this topic out into the open.

To get started, lets explore the term: body image is defined as “perceptions, thoughts, and behaviors related to one’s appearance.”1

IBS can have a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves in terms of physical and emotional wellness Continue reading