A vegetarian low fodmap recipe to try this weekend

Low Fodmap For Life

I am not a vegetarian but I truly endorse and support the philosophy of incorporating a range of vegetables into my meals and eating vegetables at every meal. This recipe has been a particular favourite of mine over the past few months and after enjoying it for lunch today I thought I should share it around with all the lovely fodmap followers: Eggplant Curry! Continue reading

My favourite low fodmap ingredient, and a recipe to share!

Low Fodmap for Life

Of all the low fodmap food, the one that I use every single day is eggs. I could not live without them. I know that a lot has been said in the past about how eggs are high in cholesterol etc, but I think that those pieces of information have more or less been proven to be derelict and that eggs are very good for us, full of proteins, good fats, vitamins etc. Here is a link to some great egg-facts by my favourite egg suppliers if you want to find out a little more for yourself.

I am sure there are rules that stipulate about how many eggs you are supposed to or not supposed to eat each day. I get a little tired of following food rules as I follow so many anyway, so I just make up my own rule Continue reading

Low fodmap Pumpkin Bread – perfect for travelling – also paleo, gluten free, low carb!

Low Fodmap For Life

I am about to head off with the family on a massive road trip that we have been dreaming about since I first became pregnant with my son, now six. We are driving from Brisbane to Sydney (about 11 hours) to visit with friends and my sister for two nights and then to Thredbo (another 6 hours) to ski for four days, before we do the reverse trip, this time stopping just north of Sydney to visit with dear friends whom we haven’t seen for six years! So yes, 34 hours of travelling and somehow maintaining my low fodmap, low carb, gluten free dietary requirements!!  Continue reading

Berry Chia Breakfast Pudding

Low Fodmap for LifeA few weeks ago I posted about how breakfast one of the most difficult meals for me, not only just due to the fodmap restrictions but also my desire for options that are gluten free and low in carbs. I love eggs but they aren’t always convenient when I am trying to get lunches made, tidy the kitchen, feed the kids, make coffee, meet the requests/demands of small people, whilst somehow simultaneously getting myself presentable before running out the door.

I have started making a delicious chia pudding lately that is very yummy and enough for 4 breakfasts Continue reading

Strawberries & Whipped Cream – a delicious low fodmap dessert!

Low Fodmap for Life

Of all the fruit in all the world, I think strawberries are my favourite, and I am incredibly grateful that they are allowed on the low fodmap diet. I am also grateful that we can pair them with a little fresh whipped cream – up to 1/2 cup (or 60g). Note: This should not be confused with regular thickened cream as this is still moderate in lactose for those of us who are intolerant.

If you are thinking about a lovely light dessert option this weekend then perhaps this recipe for fresh whipped cream might be a good option for you.  Continue reading

Zucchini Pizza Crust- low fodmap, low carb and 100% amazing!

Low Fodmap For Life

You might be wondering why I am so excited about the discovery of a zucchini pizza base? Well, as you already know I follow the low fodmap diet and I am also gluten intolerant, so it is pretty tough finding a great gluten free pizza base. Secondly, I am also carb intolerant/insulin resistant (you can read about this here) and this means that I need to get very creative when it comes to pizza crusts. Continue reading

Zucchini Fritters – low fodmap, packed full of nutrition and oh-so delicious

Low Fodmap For Life


I am supposed to be studying, but I’m not. I just couldn’t wait to share this amazing recipe with you all!

I hated zucchini for 32 years of my life until I started the low fodmap diet and realised it was one of the limited low fodmap vegetables. Now I love it, although I still won’t eat it steamed. I grate it into absolutely everything, which is why when I saw this recipe today I had to try it straight away and it was easy to convert it to be fodmap friendly. I’ll show you how… Continue reading

Low Fodmap, Gluten Free, Cheesy Flaxseed Scones

Low Fodmap For LifeIn previous posts I have talked about whyI follow a low carb and gluten free diet as well as the low fodmap diet, and I have also shared that I am a bit obsessed with flaxseed meal – it is also one of the 11 low fodmap ingredients that I can’t live without.

This is my latest flaxseed recipe, and the best part is that my children love it, either warm straight from the oven, or cold in their lunchboxes! It takes minutes to prepare, so why not give it a go?

Click here for the recipe: Cheesy Flaxseed Scones

If you like this recipe, try my Low Fodmap Flaxseed Crackers – they really are fabulous!