The most difficult meal: breakfast

Low Fodmap For LifeA few months ago I was contacted by one of my wonderful followers and we chatted over email about the most difficult meals: breakfast and snacks. I think for most people on the low fodmap diet both of these can be quite tricky initially as we adjust to changing a lifetime of eating habits. Before the low fodmap diet I ate the same breakfast pretty much every morning: home-made cereal/granola with dried fruit and nuts, chopped apple and yoghurt. Three years on and my breakfasts are completely different! Read on to find out what I like to eat for breakfast.

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Low Fodmap Muggin (muffin in a mug!) – the perfect quick breakfast

Low Fodmap for LifeI posted this photo on Instagram and Facebook and I’ve had a few requests for the recipe! This is a recipe adapted from a lovely blog: My Clean Plate at WordPress. The reason why I like it is that it only takes a few minutes to make, is very nutritious and filling, and after it is cooked it is portable if you wanted to take it to work or eat on the go! I make this on the mornings that my family have breakfast cereal which is about two days a week (the other days I make eggs or low fodmap pancakes – recipes to come!) My littlest taste testers also likes this muffin in a mug! Continue reading