Getting past a flare-up

Low Fodmap for LifeThese last few weeks I feel like I have fallen into a time machine which switches life into fast forward! My children have been on school holidays for 2 1/2 weeks and this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and start to write! The good thing is that I have had time to think about my blog and I am excited to have so many ideas to write about over the next few months.

If you live in Australia or have visited here you will have an idea of what the distances are like as well as the easy-going mentality we have about road trips. I have been travelling long distances all my life and so I have no qualms at all about road trips (I actually enjoy them!) and 2 weeks ago I drove 11 hours up to my parents place with two small children and a dog. Continue reading

Stress and IBS – it’s not all in our head

Low Fodmap For LifeThere has been a lot of heated debate over the past week about the role that chronic anxiety has in development of Auto-Immune Disease. Over the past decade there has certainly been a lot of research into the mind-body connection which you might like to read about here and here, which proves that there is certainly a relationship between our ability to manage chronic stress and the health of our immune system. Continue reading

Is Rice Malt Syrup a Fodmap?

Low Fodmap For LifeWhen following the low fodmap diet one of the biggest challenges I have faced is finding out about the best sugar alternatives for baking and general use. I have posted before about the toxic effects that erythritol has on the digestion of an IBS sufferer and I have also shared some of my favourite sweet treats here and here.

After research and personal trial and error I can announce that the winner of the best fodmap friendly sweetener is: Continue reading

Body Image and IBS

Low Fodmap for LifeIssues around body image for IBS sufferers is something that I feel is not talked about enough and consequently I feel quite strongly that I would like to bring this topic out into the open.

To get started, lets explore the term: body image is defined as “perceptions, thoughts, and behaviors related to one’s appearance.”1

IBS can have a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves in terms of physical and emotional wellness Continue reading

Is Chocolate a FODMAP?

Low Fodmap For LifeEarly this year I found I experienced a return of some IBS symptoms, and when this happens it usually sets off a series of alarm bells and I then take a review of what I have been eating. I am not always very scientific with how I go about this as, like everyone, I am busy and try to take shortcuts. As you may expect, taking shortcuts doesn’t always get you where you need to be! Continue reading