Kefir on the low fodmap diet

Image by Growing Up Herbal

I have been suffering chronic sinusitis over the past couple of months and I have ended up having to take very strong anti-biotics to treat it, and all up I have been on these for over 25 days. I am incredibly grateful that I seem to have kicked the infection for the moment, but I am still reeling from the physical impact of taking such powerful medicine. A few months ago I began experimenting with making my own home-made fermented kefir and I am so glad I did Continue reading

When nourishing the soul can be just as important …

Low Fodmap For LifeI haven’t been feeling too great lately, and now on my fourth lot of anti-biotics I was getting a bit cranky with being sick. Finally this morning I woke with some energy, and as I had already called in “sick” yesterday not expecting to feel better any time soon, I have had a morning of doing exactly what I wanted to do. Continue reading