Getting past a flare-up

Low Fodmap for LifeThese last few weeks I feel like I have fallen into a time machine which switches life into fast forward! My children have been on school holidays for 2 1/2 weeks and this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and start to write! The good thing is that I have had time to think about my blog and I am excited to have so many ideas to write about over the next few months.

If you live in Australia or have visited here you will have an idea of what the distances are like as well as the easy-going mentality we have about road trips. I have been travelling long distances all my life and so I have no qualms at all about road trips (I actually enjoy them!) and 2 weeks ago I drove 11 hours up to my parents place with two small children and a dog. Continue reading

Laxatives may be hindering your health

Life Fodmap for Life

If you suffer from IBS you may be intimately familiar with one of the most common symptoms: constipation.

Although following a low fodmap is extremely helpful in this area, it is impossible to stick to it perfectly all the time and live a semi-normal life! Continue reading