Irritable bowel syndrome: new and emerging treatments

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The BMJ, formerly known as The British Medical Journal, has this week published an interactive infographic that is well worth exploring if you suffer from IBS. It includes a review of the many different types of interventions for working with the various types of IBS, including IBS-C, IBS-D, IBS-M (mixed) and no-subtype.

It is very interesting to explore and helped me understand a little more about some of the scientific research that has been done and what has been proven to be effective and what still needs to be examined further. Continue reading

Vitamin D and Depression – worth getting tested

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12 months ago I discovered through my wonderful Brisbane doctor that I am deficient in Vitamin D. At first I thought this was completely absurd – I live in one of the sunniest places in the world, each day more beautiful and sunny than the day before. I had thought that Vitamin D was only of concern to the elderly, people who are confined indoors or dress modestly, certainly not me when I walk or run outside every day. Continue reading

Updates and Revelations: cutting out sugar and alcohol

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It has been 4 weeks since I quit sugar, including fruit and other sweeteners. I also quit alcohol for 2 and a half weeks during that time. I was quite nervous at the beginning wondering how I would go and I did quite a bit of pre-work in advance so that I could be in the right head-space for making these not insignificant changes to daily habits (which you can read about here). I did have some early problems with an IBS flare-up which I managed to resolve in an un-orthodox, but effective way (read about this here), however since then this little experiment of mine has been a successful one. This is what I have learnt over the last 4 weeks: Continue reading