Thank goodness for “gluten free”!

Low Fodmap for LifeI went to the shops this weekend for some much needed “alone” time – I had spent the morning entertaining 15 small children at my daughter’s birthday party! I stopped off at a new cafe in the shopping centre and I saw this sign – I didn’t believe that all (or even some!) of those tempting goodies would be Gluten Free Continue reading

Eating out can be stressful when following the low fodmap diet

Low Fodmap for LifeWhen I first started following the low Fodmap diet back in 2011 eating became quite stressful as I was constantly fretting about whether I was eating food that was on the ‘safe’ list of low fodmap foods and ingredients. Combine this worry with keeping a detailed food diary, and it is fair to say that I was finding¬†new levels of anxiety associated with¬†eating and food. Continue reading